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Tweetbot for Mac : I have located the whine. Was it my 8-year-old Mac? No. Was it my 6-year-old monitor? No. Was it my crappy fan heater? No.

It was my 3-week old work-issued laptop, which wasn’t even plugged in but makes a noise even when just in sleep mode. So that’s shut down now anyway 😬

Tweetbot for Mac : Why, it’s almost as if I can see the sun shimmering over the Adriatic

Tweetbot for Mac : M@ Well that may be correct, but it’s not me - the whine stays in my office even when I leave it!

Tweetbot for Mac : if anyone has any idea what’s making the electrical whine in my office I’d be delighted to know, as I’ve turned everything off and on again and not found it yet 😬

Tweetbot for iΟS : Well 8 hours after having a coffee, 2 long walks to burn off the caffeine & adrenaline, and an awful lot of feeling pretty uncomfortable, my heart has calmed down and seems to be normal again.

Looks like for whatever reason, my on/off caffeine sensitivity is back with a bang 😬

Tweetbot for iΟS : Ian Dunt Try Superhot VR. It will make you feel like you’re in The Matrix. Incredible stuff.

Tweetbot for iΟS : Simon Varwell Rufous Given next election is 2024, long game is the only one in town. Meanwhile, not giving an govt desperate for distractions something they can kick up a fuss about instead of writing their own bad headlines, while laying traps like the circuit breaker speech is a solid strategy.

Tweetbot for iΟS : I assume this idiot sees it as a disaster as it shows a left-wing govt run by a woman acting in the best interests of all the people it represents, as opposed to its own interests and those of its mates, gets things done way better than a bunch of corrupt old Etonian bullshitters

Tweetbot for iΟS : Salary: 60 grand a year. So clearly, this is going to be handed to a mate/relative of Gove or Cummings who’ll take some shonky pics with a VGA cameraphone, get their thumb in the way of most of them, and then say they’ve “learned lessons” after pocketing a performance bonus.…

Tweetbot for iΟS : And just like that, Phil Collins was cool again 😁…

Tweetbot for Mac : It’s almost like he *has* to get no deal to keep all the currency speculators who put him in office happy, and once they’ve cashed in he’ll be allowed to do a deal so that us plebs don’t all starve and can have luxuries like medicines.

Not like there’s a pandemic on or anything.

Tweetbot for Mac : When you hear Boris Johnson say he wants an "Australian type trade deal" with the EU, always remember Australia doesn't have a trade deal with the EU.

He might as well be saying he wants a Narnia-type trade deal.