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Twitter Web App : Chris Tye zigzagtoes angus young What an idea. Angus don’t you fancy doing that? You’ve got a colleague who can give you an absolute masterclass in getting set up in the art of social media and ‘journalism’ deception, are you game?

Twitter Web App : Him Over There 💙 Chris Tye Ironically given the Facebook account that refuses to moderate its own comments (mainly because that’d be effort which doesn’t give them ad revenue), they have described it as another place before 👇…

Twitter Web App : zigzagtoes angus young Nah, Angus is just good at wheeling out the excuses to put the blame on others including his colleagues.

Come to think of it, so was the last editor ... you might be onto something zigzag 🤔

Twitter Web App : Reported a likely contemptuous tweet regarding a live court case on 20th Jan to Attorney General. Court case concluded on 11th Feb. Email received from AG on 16th Feb thanking me for my email with stock text they hadnt even amended.

British justice eh? 🤔

cc The Secret Barrister

Twitter Web App : Cllr Paul Nickerson Although I expect the result of this will no doubt end up with your pals Hull Live Paul, is it another ‘fine wine’ that has made you introduce obvious HDM-esque errors into your own email address? 🤓