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Android : I wore a suit of armor to class because I heard a rumor there was going to be a school shooting and I wanted to be safe. The shooting never happened so I just looked stupid…

Android : I wish all riot internship applicants a very pleasant evening. Y'all got this!

Twitter Web App : *zooms out*
ah yes. A masterwork of composition. My painting skills are unparalleled
The canvas view:

Android : How I learned to sketch was to learn to read and feel the lines into shapes and motion and also most importantly learning not to care how clean or correct it needed to be but rather if it felt right.

Android : Ditching the sad boi energy of “Comics will break your heart” and just coming at 2021 letting comics know that I’m going to actually beat the Fucking shit out of them.

Twitter Web App : Jeff Yang While we’re all on the topic of mahjong, would appreciate a signal boost for this Goldthread story about how the art of true mahjong making in Hong Kong is dying. The Mahjong Line people make zero reference to Chinese culture, let alone to the centuries old history of mahjong…