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Android : Colleagues. There is a concerted effort to weaponize anti-Chinese sentiment for political gain. It impacts our Chinese students, postdocs, friends, and coworkers.

Our silence is complicity. Speak out, act up.

Twitter Web App : To clarify: the graph here is # of gallons saved every month, which can be taken as a measure of # of miles driven every month. Is this the beginning of the second wave of #COVID19?

Twitter Web App : Heres a definitive stat on how much #ElectricVehicles were driven every month. Needless to say, #COVID19 has played a huge role in reducing automobile emissions. Unfortunately, for the month of May, possibly due to relaxations, we are back to pre-quarantine levels of usage!

Twitter Web App : Awesome opportunity for undergrads! #compchem…

Twitter Web App : Hey, #chemtwitter! Check out our upcoming career panel! RSVP at to receive an invite to the virtual event. #WISER #ACSChicago #YCC #WCC Chicago ACS

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Android : We can now read the Imperial College report on COVID-19 that led to the extreme measures we've seen in the US this week. Read it; it's terrifying. I'll offer a summary in this thread; please correct me if I've gotten it wrong.…

Android : When I was rejected from Harvard's PhD program, my dad said “don’t worry doctor, they’ll hire you as a professor.” Now he’s even more convinced that he's *always* right about everything, but that’s a small price to pay for the privilege of being believed in by him.

Android : “Approaches for machine learning intermolecular interaction energies and application to energy components from symmetry adapted perturbation theory”…

A new paper using #MachineLearning techniques to reproduces Psi4’s SAPT code for ultra fast potentials.

Twitter Web App : Kate Kadash-Edmondson Academic Chatter While this is the most practical solution, this *might* put the student in jeopardy (postdoc/job offer in hand, etc). If there was a deadline to submit a proposal/paper, I'm sure the PI would make an exception, so I think the PI should help the student submit/graduate in time.

Twitter Web App : HartreeF⌬cker Never tried it, but if the end goal is DFT-based sp/geometry_optimization calculations, why not petachem? I never benchmarked GPU instances on the cloud, so I can't comment on the timings. If licensing is an issue, I would second PSI4 as others mentioned.

Twitter Web App : I am not convinced I have seen it all with Trump 2016 and Bloomberg 2020. I am awaiting Bezos 2024, where he skips all the ad buys, social media buys - the entire charade and buys America outright with his loose pocket change.…