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TweetDeck : Im thinking about the newspapers from 9/11 that my parents saved & tucked into our bookshelves.

Of photo books I collected of monumental front pages.

Of the walls in our newsroom inked with headlines about celebration & tragedy.

This is the The Washington Post homepage right now:

TweetDeck : SCOOP: Arizona sues Google, alleging it violated privacy and improperly tracked location data even when users had turned off the setting. Attorney General Brnovich says Google relied on "misleading ways to obtain information and use it for profit"…

TweetDeck : Whistleblowers say Facebook has not warned investors about illegal activity happening on its services.

A new SEC complaint, obtained by Nitasha Tiku, includes dozens of pages of screenshots of opioids and other drugs for sale on Facebook and Instagram:

TweetDeck : Cigarette companies: found out their product caused cancer, covered it up

Oil and gas: knew about climate change, buried it


iPhone : 1/Some special news today! It's been a very sad and crazy times for newsrooms and journalism internships are suffering. So, a bunch of us editors are working together to provide a "virtual" summer school for any young person who wants to pursue a career in the business.

Twitter for iPad : I spent a lot of time talking to workers to make sure exploitative practices like low pay, difficulty finding gigs, tip-baiting were widespread among people who signed up for gig services "hiring" 100,000s *during the pandemic*

Hope you'll read tyyy!…

Twitter for iPad : It is hilarious that Facebook’s sudden reversal on office expansion was driven not by a global pandemic / depression but by good old-fashioned Bay Area NIMBYism…

TweetDeck : I spoke w/20 people around the country who *started* doing gig work in the pandemic for apps like Instacart, Shipt, Amazon Flex, Doordash that were on the hunt for 100,000s of new recruits, just as the human cost of the gig biz model was becoming clear…

TweetDeck : A must-read from Nitasha Tiku:

Hundreds of thousands of laid-off Americans have taken gig jobs from Amazon, DoorDash, Instacart and Shipt, lured by an immediate and flexible way to earn money.

They find low pay, punishing rules and few protections:

Twitter for iPad : Deep-dive from Nitasha Tiku on the dark world of pandemic-era gig work, w/ interviews of 20 workers and this bit on the awful practice of tip-baiting…

TweetDeck : San Francisco’s new Tenderloin COVID-19 testing site was supposed to make testing accessible and easy — but requiring a smartphone and Google account nixed that

Twitter Web App : Care19 privacy policy has been updated to disclose the use of @foursquare SDK, Google/Firebase and Bugfender, as found in our privacy review from yesterday. We are analyzing the changes, waiting for more answers and we will report back.

TweetDeck : Contact tracing and exposure notification apps are arguably the most important consumer tech launch of 2020.

They’re off to a terrible start:

Silicon Valley is failing us. So is the government charged with protecting us.

Twitter for iPad : One of the first contact-tracing apps violates its own privacy policy…
--Having tech companies build safety apps is like asking foxes to build henhouses.

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