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Plumpy Burr ʕ・//ᴥ//・ʔ

Bio 22 yo🌟osito🌟 🔞 if youre below 18 yo, please unfollow me or youll be blocked 🔞 🌟 go to @ghgbnluv for bara/muscle art | pfp by @eon_54
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Twitter Web App : Love your artwork. What are your thoughts on a plot where a villain fattens the jocks and bodybuilders in a gym w… — Basically you've described Ayumu's growth lab :v…

Twitter Web App : What do you think about clothes tearing wg scenario for your OC? — The best scenario ever! Imagine Mr. Wuff and Mr. Burr at a buffet, both wearing formal clothes, both starts to let themselves go and start eating tons of food, at ……

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Twitter Web App : Once you are able to move out of your parents place where would you be moving and what would you be doing living … — Well tbh i wanna move either to another state of my country or the US, i wanna be as far as i can from them so i ……