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FanCentro : Thanks for rebilling on my profile fcl.ink/qE6KwD! I predict more masturbation in your future! pic.twitter.com/1iXjKyuxB2

iPhone : Trafficking hub was started by Exodus Cry. Here’s a preview of their purity contract with homophobic language in it.

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iPhone : I just don’t want sex workers supporting an organization that is actively working to take away their ability to make money without them being at least aware of what’s going on. If you want to go ahead and support them after knowing everything, that’s on you.

iPhone : One of them is going off on twitter about how I must be a fucking idiot or something because I said that 😂😂😂They are like “No!!!! You misunderstand me!! I’m against what you’re saying!!”
So I’m like, “well why did you just share it with your whole following?” 🤔😂😂

iPhone : My favorite thing is the Christians who don’t think there’s anything wrong with Exodus Cry/Trafficking Hub so they retweet my video about them talking shit. So I just respond, “Omg thank you for getting the word out about them being a religious extremist organization!”
They mad.

iPhone : sign this!!!
but, please be careful about your anonymity! do not post your real name publicly. also, don’t share your link after you finish signing, share this link made by 💕Ginger Banks💕 or else your name will show up! twitter.com/gingerbanks1/s…

FanCentro : A subscriber rebilled on my profile fcl.ink/BRAwZh — Glad you're enjoying my profile and vagina!! :) pic.twitter.com/5osOqrl4Dh

iPhone : Another little tip if you’re looking for info on the founder and CEO of Trafficking Hub/Exodus Cry is that sometimes he goes by Benji Nolot so you can find his more extreme views under that name.

iPhone : The sex workers!!!They are coming for you!!! From behind!! And you’re not prepared for the downward spiral!!! Don’t worry though, “the downward sprial” is just a new sex position.

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