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iPhone : i can’t decide if they’re just comically ineffective or actively evil. this is a terrible, terrible deal

iPhone : wait. the new, neutered unemployment bill pelosi is backing STILL HAS LIABILITY PROTECTION? the democrats got less than they were offered without their single demand being met, and now they’re celebrating? genuinely, what is the point of this party?

iPhone : i was sitting there thinking “wow, how is this the best episode of the mandalorian?” and then “directed by robert rodriguez” popped up and i understood

iPhone : obama takes the coronavirus vaccine and is immediately transformed into a crab-like monster twitter.com/thehill/status…

iPhone : if i hear u say hydrossity i will push you into the lake twitter.com/cybershell/sta…

iPhone : sincerely, i don’t think it’s fair to say john lee hancock is a bad director, because he really does wring the best performances out of his actors. he’s a good director who happens to make bad movies

iPhone : like all john lee hancock movies, saving mr banks is not a good movie but the man directs actors like nobody else

iPhone : his standup is good, his book is good, he’s just not funny on tv because nobody is funny doing political analysis on comedy central

iPhone : Score: 17
Best: 32


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iPhone : lorenz: hmmmm if your dad doesn’t accept you i guess you’ll have to move into my house and paint for me

ignatz: i like that, for gay reasons

iPhone : i would like to play this video game but i am too sad to turn it on. logically, i realize that playing the video game will make me less sad. but the part of my brain that knows what to do with this information is just outputting static