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iPhone : Glen expertly facilitated an Atomic Habits reading group recently. If you want to successfully make simple adjustments that radically improve your life, I recommend taking him up on this!…

Twitter Web App : I'm coaching another free week of Tiny Habits via email with BJ Fogg beginning November 1st. Here's the link to sign up…

Twitter Web App : Kenny Endel 6/ Then the Recovery phase:

--After the timer ends, even in mid-sentence (ideally in mid-sentence or creation), get up & stretch.

--Step outside for a short 20min walk, ideally with some rejuvenating nature.

--Smile to celebrate & enjoy the feeling.


Twitter Web App : Kenny 5/ The Flow phase:

--Unlock the computer

---Turn on the Endel app and set the time for 90 minutes.

--Close my eyes for a few deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth to stimulate my sympathetic nervous system.

--Drink some green tea...

Dive in.

Twitter Web App : Kenny 4/ Then the Release phase:

--Go make some green tea.

--I also often step into the garden for a few minutes, or walk outside to a vista.

--Some stretching works well

Twitter Web App : Kenny 3/ Still in Struggle phase:

--Read through my goals and outcome. Scan some of the key notes.

--Leave the phone out of my work area.

--If someone is in the house or around, be sure to let them know I'm dropping into flow and let me be.

Twitter Web App : Kenny 2/ During the Struggle phase:

--Ensure I have time blocked off on my calendar so I don't have to think about time or other tasks.

--Setup the notes I need, organize them. If it's my first flow session of the day, have them up on my computer so it's the first thing I see.

Twitter Web App : Kenny 1/ My Flow Wave Habit Routine begins by getting a good night of sleep. I'll soon be publishing research from my company that shows the more REM sleep you get the more likely you are to get into a flow state.

iPhone : 90 minute flow session. I’m spent. Time for a walk... still amazed what I can produce when I get a good night of sleep and follow my Flow Wave habit routine. Consistent drop into the zone.

Twitter Web App : I'm joining Chuck McGee III's free Wim Hof Method Breathwork session at 9pm PT tonight. Here's the link to join:…

iPhone : It's so important to treat your flow states as sacred. Eliminate distractions, turn off notifications, ignore those who step over your boundaries, and then surrender to the moment, letting your creative energies pour forth wholeheartedly and wholemindedly.

iPhone : Self-care is not selfish.

Pedram Shojai on #FindingMastery

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iPhone : If youre stressed (and who isnt?), its helpful to understand how emotional contagion works and what to do about it, explains @barsadesigal. Written a few months ago but just as relevant now that we are hitting the 6-month fatigue point.

Twitter Web App : Watch our session I hosted this week:

Solution-Focused Approach to Adapting in Turbulent Times

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