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Bio 35 (as per @jesstarrable), IT Engineer / CTO of Love Hard Tattoo Art, Punk Rock, cynical to a fault, intolerant to fascist bullshit
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Twitter Web App : shit yeah blue checks can't tweet rn

rise up, comrade porn bots and friendless nobodys, the world is now ours

Twitter Web App : So wait, if my account remains but my boss's boss's boss's boss' boss got compromised does that mean I run the company now?

Twitter Web App : I am giving back to the community.

All Bitcoin sent to the address below will be sent back doubled! If you send BAHAHA JUST KIDDING IM NOT A MORON AND USE MFA BECAUSE ITS 2020.

Twitter Web App : Every single day i remember AOC is a rep I smile. twitter.com/AOC/status/128…

Twitter Web App : "Just think of this as a lesson learned
To never take advantage
Of the people that depend on you"

Twitter Web App : This is me quitting and letting everybody fend for themselves. That noise you just heard was the door closing.

Twitter Web App : Cait shit, things are so locked down there isnt even normal housekeeping. Its cool though. I dont want anybody near me with the way things are going.

Twitter Web App : So, my job lets me travel a bunch on per diem. I usually end up getting fuckoff hotel rooms because i mean, why not. But right now i'm in a giant suite in DC and it feels like I'm the only person at a failed sketchy hotel party. Also, nobody brought beer, only covid.

Twitter Web App : Jeff DeWaters CHAZ buono dude, thank god I'm not crazy, its wrecked my gmail inbox and i have no idea how to fix it. Also, i kind of don't care but I really don't want them making any money off my shit anymore.

Twitter Web App : CHAZ buono Yo, same. I opted out forever ago because of their shitty data harvesting and I get double emails per day about this.

Twitter Web App : Sami Zayn Sami, you're awesome man. Can't wait for the time you can come back to the @wwe and heel back what is rightfully yours. #king