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iPhone : 2 physicians.
2 moms.
2 kids each.

Too much to do.
Too few hours to do it in.
Too many excuses.

Our kids see us leave for those early AM runs. They know how busy their moms are.

Self care matters. Not sure who needs to hear this—but it does. For us—and for them to see us.

iPhone : While #BryanStevenson is my living Beyoncé, without question #JamesBaldwin is my posthumous one. An icon of courageous ideas both written and spoken, I’m a super fan for sure.

Today’s #dothework rec is this discussion on Throughline. Baldwin was SO DOPE.

Listen to this.👊🏽

iPhone : Dr. Nicole Redmond I agree. But I’m learning to ask of their (the sponsoree) interest before I decline. If they have interest, I include in the reply that I know of another individual who could fit and who has interest. If they say yes, I connect them and step out. Closed loop for wellness.

iPhone : Karen Donelan, ScD, EdM So very true, Karen. This colleague is good about that—but preserves their wellness by making those explanations rare. Agree that there are always caveats but I find myself explaining always. Sometimes the ask is something you just don’t want to do. Less is more there, I think.

iPhone : Lachelle Dawn Hand over heart, this person IS both Black and female. And is highly, highly respected. She isn’t a person who stiff arms everything, either. I think the key is that her work is excellent and she says yes often. But when it’s a no, it’s a clean no. It’s #goals.