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Android : Death threats stopped the rape trial of #trump. #KatieJohnson, the 13 year old raped by #trump at a #JeffreyEpstein party feared for her life & dropped the charge. Epstein had full knowledge & was killed for fear of using it to help cut a nice plea deal.โ€ฆ

Android : Yall, I was not prepared to do this much research this morning, but you know me. The man who hung the effigy of our governor is Terry Bush, President of KY 3%. From video. From his FB page on the right. The tattoo provides the first ID. #TeamKentucky

Android : This day is not about Americaโ€™s veterans. Itโ€™s about those who never had the chance to become veterans because they sacrificed their lives during their service. We honor them this #MemorialDay

Android : Mitch McConnell was essentially able to vet the person who will be leading an investigation into him and his wife. Does that sound right to you?โ€ฆ

Android : Think back 4 yrs ago. How was your economic situation?

For the vast majority, it has deteriorated, unless youre a billionaire.

It will only worsen, until there are owners & workers. Thats 45s vision.

You can end this nightmare! Vote!



Android : BREAKING: Architect of raid that killed bin Laden Ret Admiral McRaven says the US is under attack by Trump. McRaven thinks Trump is working to "destroy" the country from "within" and "without." We need more patriots speaking out like this! #HonorVeteransByWearingAMask

Android : Thread: Trump must be defeated or his second term will be an autocracy

Itโ€™s time to discuss the ugly truth of why Trump must be defeated.

We *can* defeat him. But, if we fail, Trump will seize absolute control and demand loyalty from all.