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Android : Special thanks to @lowspec_gamer, whose extensive coverage of the GPD Win range made me decide to take the plunge.

TweetDeck : For todays Patreon prompt, Kyle wanted to see Cel munching down on some burgers with an alien friend. Finally, something relateable!

Thank you for your support!!

Twitter Web App : To ride these streets you gotta know nuclear alchemy. If you mix the burnin' tarmac with high-octane adrenaline just right; you can fly. But slip the slightest and you'll be nothin' but stains.
#pixelart #gamedev #b3d

Twitter Web App : PYNKBLUD To be fair, the fact that it was called "MASSIVE ACTION GAME" didn't do a lot to make it any more memorable.

At least Warhawk had a cool title.

Twitter Web App : PYNKBLUD Limbo of the Lost.

$2 at the thrift store. Still have a sealed copy.

Twitter Web App : 🔞 tulip 🌿💐✨ If you're looking for ideas....

You could mix things up and show something casual with the two! Seeing Rose and Adrian's first date would be cute!

Twitter Web App : Sunny (3 SLOTS) For 109 years I've kept you alive and insisted I'm gonna get around to making that webcomic with you eventually

Twitter Web App : LRT is way better than my No Mouth meme. Everybody go home.