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Bio Writer of tragically funny fiction. Statistically Chaotic Neutral Paladin. She stabs people in their fronts. Pronouns: Any other than It
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iPhone : My SIL captioned a pic of my two nieces looking EXTREMELY grumpy in matching outfits with the Declaration Of Independence and I keep looking at it and laughing myself silly while saying “Help Help we’re being repressed!!!”

iPhone : Hey since Twitter has started counting quote RTs in the regular RT count, maybe everyone should stop quoting bigots to argue with/dunk on them bc at a glance it sure just looks like a lot of people agree w them.

iPhone : Very glad my dog doesn’t care about loud noises. However she finds it deeply upsetting she can’t run and meet every single person on a bike or motorcycle in existence

iPhone : Oddfellow is running out of room to keep cards in his hat. Do a shark a solid and treat someone to a smile. Or a frown. Maybe a snicker.

Handmade, no two exactly alike.


iPhone : “So many rules!!” “I know, the Catholic Church is like the most rules lawyer D&D system ever. The reformation was like everyone who got sick and tired of calculating THAC0.” (Scenes from trying to figure out centuries old excommunication)

Twitter Web App : FUTURE GHOST // I finally talked Aaron into keeping mine trimmed. It only took like 4 years of asking and promising I wouldn't hate him if he slipped (he never has and he's much more comfortable now that he's done it a couple times now)

Twitter Web App : FUTURE GHOST // I have an awesome hair stylist who suggested it and I can't believe I didn't do it sooner, you really don't even see it even when I have it pulled back cause my pony tail is still thick enough to cover most of it