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iPhone : Trump was golfing earlier in the day when it would’ve been a more reasonable hour for the troops…

iPhone : It has been 23 days since Joe Biden was elected the 46th President on the United States.🇺🇸

Since then, Trump and his allies have lost 38 separate lawsuits and won 1.🥳

Trump hates when I tweet this, so please don't share it.🤦‍♂️

iPhone : I’ve spent so long despising this man, it nvr occurred to me to feel sorry for him. One of the luckiest men the world has ever known. While so many are suffering, he has everything, and yet can’t think of a single thing to be thankful for today. Must be an agonizing existence.…

iPhone : "A lawyer who was dropped from President Donald Trump’s legal team filed typo-strewn lawsuits in Michigan and Georgia alleging massive election fraud."…

iPhone : The election was certified. The stay was lifted when the commonwealth appealed to the PA Supreme Court.

You and your allies are 1-38 in court.…

iPhone : forget to run spell check. You don’t make wild accusations.

I mean, seriously, this is not what professionals do. This is the stuff that gets the judge to throw the book at you. It gets the bar association to inquire into your conduct. /end

iPhone : Rarely does a lawyer need to make their lawsuit 100 pages long. Maybe if you’re literally taking down a multinational corporation with 25 separate counts.

You don’t attach exhibits to a complaint. You don’t put in the complaint case law meant for your TRO motion. You don’t

iPhone : In the contest between Trump and reality, Trump always wins, no matter the evidence, as his disordered psyche either rejects unpleasant facts outright (denial) or remakes them into a conspiratorial hoax against him (paranoia) -- to be discredited & rejected.

Either way, he wins.

iPhone : ...a malignant narcissist who lives in a reality of his own making, entering our shared reality only when it provides him with endless adulation.

When our shared reality becomes injurious to him, he abandons it as easily and permanently as if it was his next ex wife.

iPhone : Trump's reaction is not that of a wounded pride that with time will accept loss.

He is psychologically incapable of admitting defeat. When faced with it, his paranoid defenses intensify, removing him further from reality.

He's not just your garden variety conman but...

iPhone : ...of its greatest tests, and survived efforts to subvert it. At home, we are grateful for the life of Joan Sanger, who we were with for the last time at Thanksgiving a year ago. We miss you, Mom, and we’re holding on together, as you taught us.

iPhone : Of the many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving - our national resilience in the face of pandemic and tragedy, our health workers, the scientists leading us out of the darkness- let me add one more: the inspiring strength of our democracy. It faced one... 1/2