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Bio I play games one handed due to hemiparesis, many of which I speedrun | Gaming accessibility advocate and consultant - ask me about testing! | pansexual, he/him
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Android : Big news!!! I’ve been dying to talk about this for a year and a half!!!

Last year... I did some Motion Capture for CrystalDMarvels Avengers in my wheelchair👩🏻‍🦽

A sneak peek at the character based on my moves! And look, it’s me with real life stunt men!!! In a funny suit!! twitter.com/playavengers/s…

Twitter Web App : Cave Story: Tweaked, version 1.0.4 is out! github.com/calvarado194/C…

Fixes most remaining issues with Default Booster tweak.

Twitter Web App : More bugfixes! Cave Story: Tweaked, v1.0.3 is out: github.com/calvarado194/C…

Fixes a bunch of default booster issues, including one with the game unequipping Air Tank when loading a file with Default Booster. Oopsie.

Twitter Web App : Doing my first ever playthrough of Cave Story with Cave Story: Tweaked! A decompilation mod with accessibility features!


Twitter Web App : I don't think I can give an actual answer to this because I know too many indie and retro game aficionados