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Android : Tony Reali Very well said, Tony. Compassion is by definition the decision to suffer 'with' another. The more White people are interested enough to suffer with POC and learn through discomfort the reality of POC's suffering the better we'll all be.

Android : Travis Haney I'm paraphrasing here but there's a quote that goes, 'America's great at short-term compassion but handles long-term empathy poorly.' If racism was an objective that could be solved with weapons it would be over. But stemming racism will require decades of unwavering dedication.

Android : Ethan Nichtern There must be something in the air because I've been thinking about altering my diet as well. RE: vegetarianism for kids - my brother and his two toddlers are vegan and their kids are quite healthy and well-developed for their age. They do have to take supplements.

Android : Voting and Meditation share one big misconception: the idea that doing it once is supposed to make a huge difference.

You have to do both as often as you can over many years if you want to see any real transformation.

TweetDeck : Nitz Bluv I know I'm laughing but I don't know if it's because this is genuinely funny or to keep from crying about this guy being an asshole.