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iPhone : "[I]t’s not unreasonable to imagine that a job guarantee could be the rare policy that naturally unites labor, environmentalists and racial justice activists all at once"


Twitter Web App : One dynamic that is true in any group negotiation whether the local PTA or Congress is that a significant chunk of people perceive "somewhere in the middle" as the smart place to land no matter how stupid that may be in terms of solving the problem at hand

Twitter Web App : A job guarantee would be WAY bigger for labor than just raising the minimum wage so it will be interesting to see if unions give it the same kind of resources they gave the Fight For $15

Twitter Web App : Ayanna Pressley and Sara Nelson speak on the Federal Job Guarantee, the one economic policy that could unite everybody.

Twitter Web App : texas and mississippi acting like the runner who starts celebrating too early and then gets passed right before the finish line by their rival The Grim Reaper

iPhone : Rahm Emanuel’s full time job now is using multiple national media platforms to make the important policy argument “it’s bad to criticize anything I worked on”

iPhone : We at CPJ Union stand in solidarity with our colleague and fellow union member Sherif Mansour.

The Egyptian government accuses him and his father of "membership in a terrorist organization" and has detained his cousin, Reda Abdelrahman, since August. cpj.org/?p=84757

iPhone : You don’t have to like him but as a matter of plain fact Biden is now *by far* the most pro-union president of my lifetime and the labor movement better get every last thing it can get before 2022. twitter.com/potus/status/1…

iPhone : Good to see the national media calling for the leader of Saudi Arabia to be punished for having a foreign citizen murdered, and don’t forget to apply that same standard to the U.S. president.

iPhone : Here at CNN our brand is “Real journalism unlike our ridiculous biased competitors” and now we go to our host, an immediate family member of the subject of today’s top story

Twitter Web App : The "confronted its own culture" thing that gets no space in that story was in fact the number one takeaway that some people at the Post had about Baron's legacy.

iPhone : This big Marty Baron retrospective in the NYT is mostly fine but it’s uh pretty noticeable what gets left out here...