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Hootsuite Inc. : Panic attacks are a common yet debilitating part of many people’s lives, but could knowing more about what triggers them help to stop them occurring? With help from experts, we explore how you can recognise your triggers and take control bit.ly/2TJsm4c

Hootsuite Inc. : We’ve all felt the pressure to dress to impress, but really, we should be dressing for ourselves. Here we explore how the clothes we wear can impact our mood and confidence bit.ly/3eoQGAg

Hootsuite Inc. : Does your partner insist that they love you, even though they continually put you down? It's important to recognise the signs of gaslighting. Counsellor Valerie Ann Adams shares the signs to look out for, and how to protect yourself bit.ly/2ZJ2Vnk

Hootsuite Inc. : We all have days when we feel out of our depth and like we’ve lost control. If you’re experiencing these feelings, use these five small changes to feel powerful and get back on top bit.ly/3cg6dRz

Hootsuite Inc. : Has life in lockdown taught you something positive about yourself? Or has it shown you a way of living that you’d like to continue once normal life resumes? ✨ happiful.com/lessons-we-nee…

Hootsuite Inc. : Self-doubt can hold us back from fulfilling our true potential, but what can we do about it? With the help of a life coach we explore how to overcome self-doubt and build self-belief bit.ly/2X41oGK

Hootsuite Inc. : Simply judging health by what we see can be damaging for people with invisible conditions. Here’s why it's time to stop judging health by appearance, and pay attention to how people really feel bit.ly/2XlBKMA

Hootsuite Inc. : With so much nutritional information online, how can we separate the facts from the fiction? Here, Jenna Farmer chats to the experts to debunk ten myths around healthy eating bit.ly/2xA12NT

Hootsuite Inc. : Do something your future self will thank you for - register for our second free webinar, Talking Self Care and Self Worth, on Thursday 4 June, with the brilliant Kat Nicholls sharing thoughts and actionable advice. We hope to see you, virtually, there!


Twitter Web App : One in 10 UK women have given up using tampons and sanitary towels, citing lockdown shortages as their motivation to switch to reusable products. But how can making eco choices help support those experiencing period poverty? #WorldMenstrualHygieneDay happiful.com/rise-reusable-…

Hootsuite Inc. : Trying to explain your illness to those closest to you can be an intimidating challenge. Here we share some expert advice to help you talk to family about mental health bit.ly/2M7Qx8c

Hootsuite Inc. : Are you struggling with skin picking at the moment? Sufferer Katie details her own journey with dermatillomania, and explains how hypnotherapy can help you understand why it becomes a habit and can give you practical steps to overcome the urge to pick ➡️ ow.ly/X7XI50zMDjE

Hootsuite Inc. : Did you know? There are some natural remedies for fighting #insomnia, and we’re happy to announce that food is one of them! Take a look at the top healthy eats, for a great night's sleep 🥝🍒🥛🥑ow.ly/kFET50zMCRH

Hootsuite Inc. : Singer-songwriter Jack Garratt's debut album was a huge success. But, contending with self-doubt, Jack didn’t see it that way. Here, he opens up about learning to live with your emotions, and the moment that made every struggle worth it bit.ly/2Xy93vT

Hootsuite Inc. : We all have mental health, and everyone should be able to speak about it 💜 If you need someone to talk to, you can find links to support on our website happiful.com/where-to-get-h…

Hootsuite Inc. : Have you ever had the urge to pinch chubby-cheeked babies, or squeeze adorable puppies? Don’t worry, it’s a completely natural response! Here we explain the science behind cute aggression bit.ly/2M6fO2w

Hootsuite Inc. : New research has revealed a fifth of couples first met online via apps, social media, or websites.

Hootsuite Inc. : How 'normal' is pregnancy anxiety? Does worrying affect your baby? We share everything you need to know about pregnancy anxiety, and explain how you can feel more calm and in control

Hootsuite Inc. : Does the thought of easing lockdown make you anxious? Anxiety about entering the 'new normal' is totally natural, and although coming out of lockdown is inevitable, you can do it at your own pace and keep the anxious thoughts at bay ➡️ ow.ly/7NIH50zQdv8

Hootsuite Inc. : Allowing anger to fester can be debilitating and destructive. So let’s learn to forgive, forget, and move on. Here we share tips to help you let go of a grudge bit.ly/3c0H8tB