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iPhone : Dan W Jonathan As fans we Defo have to trust him more n more. He has got more right then wrong. And 💯 the players fully trust his tactics that’s the main thing. Arsenal n Man City n villa showed that.

Players are Defo playing for him

iPhone : Jay Pittard Jonathan I know I just saw report on Leicester Mercury

It’s like under n vardy n madders are coming back n Someone has to go.

As long as evans is fit Monday fingers crossed we should be k as we will have more attacking intent with ünder V9 Barnes n madders

JJ on rbn Fuchs lb

iPhone : More like ‘last year I had my turned for the big blue lights of London and the massive wage packet. I could no longer concentrate and my focus was no longer there for Leicester. I spoke to my agent and he finally got my move for me and now I’m happy and focused again’ twitter.com/BenChilwell/st…

iPhone : Jay Pittard Jonathan I think that was someone taking the mick. They also tweeted Mendy injured but he came off the bench

How impressive was ünder 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

iPhone : Dan Jack I enter like once a month when I have at least two days off. Difficult as need to work it round fam, kids, Mrs n work and ea mess up with server issues it’s not fair for people that have to organise when they can play

iPhone : Dan Jack Yo I so wanted Paulinho ... they fucked up lastvweekend due to connection issues meant I had to play my games saturday n Sunday after work. 25 games in 2 days is gruelling

iPhone : I am an American, Christian, & Westerner who is both able & willing to defend the honor of Prophet Muhammad.

In fact, the notion of “defending the honor of Muhammad” is literally noted as an aim of my latest book.

There are other people like me who will also defend his honor.

iPhone : Tell me how you reform this...

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