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Android : Farewell Big Jack, a man who sent huge deliveries of chickens to striking miners, lent his car to flying pickets, and wore Cole Not Dole stickers on his coat during matches. And a great manager to boot.

Android : Where did MPs like Damian Green MP think the overflow of lorries and transports destined for Europe would be able to go?

Whether anybody suggested it is irrelevant. If youre worth your salt as a political actor, you look at every possibility and prepare for any possibility.

Android : From a teenage author 📗 to aiming to map every cell in the human body 👤 Sarah Teichmann has had an inspirational career so far.

Read about our Head of Cellular Genetics on our blog 👇

#WomenInSTEM #HumanCellAtlas Teichlab…

Android : Breaking: UK government was routinely overstating the total number of people who’d been tested for #COVID19 by as many as 200,000 at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, according to new Sky News analysis.

Twitter Web App : Imagine losing your job due to Covid and having to apply for U/C to then get told your not entitled to anything even though you have worked all your life. This is the sad reality happening right now. The system is a shambles #UniversalCredit

Android : "If the truth is not to be lost in the weeds, we need a swift, independent and, crucially, public review of what went wrong during this first wave of the pandemic – and we need it before a second one hits" - essential reading 👇…

Android : "We are writing to raise our concerns about your statements on the Andrew Marr Show on
Sunday 5 July on which you stated that councils had access to the COVID-19 data they need.
This is simply not true."

Salford joins the fray on Covid data…

Twitter Web App : The Extraordinary Cost of Chris Grayling Part 1: 2010-2015 – Byline Times…