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iPhone : Bike wala who is from Pindi thinking to himself as he pulls his visor down : "Haan jee, piyo naal raceaan" twitter.com/ANI/status/126…

iPhone : Hate to say this but with this beard in both pics u cannot have a tight seal of N95 chahay jitna marzi mehnga pehan lein twitter.com/MehvAlavi/stat…

iPhone : You forgot the girl who chased you in F-6 Islamabad on a tricycle ? twitter.com/ANI/status/126… pic.twitter.com/ceyDOEvzcp

iPhone : + Govt has requested them to do it for free.

Aap kuch kar sakty hain tou aap b kar dain. Kisi nain roka hay?

iPhone : TikTok is another Social Media Platform just like Twitter, insta & Facebook

Govt needs to engage their influencers as well, whose content gets viral in minutes

Active Users:
Twitter: 328 Million
TikTok: 800 Million
Facebook: 1,730 Million

Highest Engagement Rate: twitter.com/Kaaf_hay_/stat…

iPhone : Zarrar Khuhro It’s an excellent idea. Reach the people on the platforms that they are. Radio and tv won’t cut it with younger people. Vietnam did this early and everyone was sharing the video and oozing praise. Let’s stop being so bloody opposed to anything in Pak.

iPhone : "....despite the diversity in approaches — from the draconian in Peru to the laissez-faire in Brazil — many countries are ending up in roughly the same place: watching cases surge, with little political or institutional capacity to flatten their ascent.."


iPhone : Blocked by a rights activist for merely having a few individuals agree with me. Tsk tsk 🤦

iPhone : Thread on #TikTok and TikTokers getting hate on spreading awareness for #Corona
A couple of months back in order to help create awareness about corona I helped strategise for an initiative where we planned to use TikTokers for creating general awareness in #Covid19.

iPhone : Khan Sahb ko bhi pata hai, healthcare workers ka Covid-19 exposure bohut ziada hai. Mask pa hi leya twitter.com/zfrmrza/status…