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Twitter Web App : Okay, Joe Biden made an excellent choice in Kamala Harris and now it's up to us to put them in office.

It's only 84 days until Election day. Let's do this thing, people!

Twitter Web App : James Huang I'm a combat vet with PTSD and struggle a lot with sleeplessness, but to answer your question yeah, anxiety/stress can play a big part.

iPhone : Donald J. Trump I see that last night Twitter deleted a bunch of the troll/bot accounts posing as blacks who support you. Hypocrisy much?

(That’s a retorical question, everyone knows that you’re the King of hypocrisy.)

Twitter Web App : The fact that Meghan McCain would even consider voting for Trump instead of Biden proves unequivocally that she's exactly the kind of morally bereft low-IQ lackey that Trump thrives on (and makes me question if she's even Senator McCain's legitimate offspring).

Twitter Web App : AC Shilton How wide of a camera angle do you have?? I can't count the number of times I've put on an ironed shirt and tie while wearing flip flops and shorts from the waste down and no one's been the wiser.

Twitter Web App : Aurora Police Dept.🇺🇸😷 I happen to know that ANPR provides a vehicle description (and state). If just one of the officers had spent 30 seconds (generous) checking the plate instead of screaming intimidations at children forced to lay on the hot asphalt, this wouldn't have happened.

Twitter Web App : Disgusting Aurora Police Dept. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 About 30 (plus) officers screaming at a black mother and her children face down on a hot parking lot over an hour because you thought their SUV was a stolen motorcycle. But tell us all again how you aren't ALL racist. I guess maybe you're illiterate then?