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David... Hiking the PNW

Bio Willfully contributing to educate the masses on common sense. Hiker, traveler, and political enthusiast. VOTE BLUE! ! #FBR #resist
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Android : If the Dems take the Senate and the White House they should expand the Supreme Court to 11, appoint 2 liberal judges, and tell #MoscowMitch to shove his right wing court packing up his ass...


iPhone : If these fuckwads believe that if vote by mail is struck down it’ll disenfranchise voters from showing up at polling places... they are in for a rude awakening. twitter.com/kenpaxtontx/st…

iPhone : I got off Facebook a couple of years ago when I realized it became hate filled and unnecessary. I’ve asked people if they’re still on and they say yes, cuz it’s how they stay in touch with people. It’s 2020 FFS! You really need Facebook for that?

iPhone : If you think it can’t get any worse. Think Trump can’t go any lower than he already has... Just wait.

As Trump’s poll numbers go down further, it’ll get worse. Even though we’re only 5 months away from Election Day, that fucker will find a way.

iPhone : Listening to the radio today and a CDC recommendation notice about COVID came on. They mentioned everything about prevention... except wearing a mask 🤦🏻‍♂️😷