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Talon Android : FourFourTwo I remember a Forest player running into the post when he was celebrating a goal (might have been Woan or Scott Gemmill)

Talon Android : “If you don’t read the newspapers you’re uninformed. If you do read the newspapers you’re misinformed.”

Talon Android : This is my 17yr old daughter kayleigh cook-dumbarton who has gone missing from bolton in greater manchester she was last seen at her home around 11.30pm please can everyone who sees this tweet retweet it as much as possible we just want her home safe and sound

Talon Android : Benjamin Judge A bit off-piste (my usual style) but in "Ramblin' Man" by Lemon Jelly, our man visits Harlem and New York, so I will pick that one.

Talon Android : Benjamin Judge Hmph! If I'd known my choice had been questionable, I would have picked something else. Never mind, onto next week I guess!

Talon Android : The absolute state of this. #WalesOnline

Talon Android : mariano 🦦⁶𓅓 This is a reminder that you should *not* buy The Daily Mail, give The Daily Mail website traffic, or cite them as a reliable source. Every penny you give them is fuel for their xenophobic bullshit machine.

Talon Android : Get in, get in, GET THE FRICK IN!


Talon Android : If there's anything to drum home the reality that 'normal' is just round the corner, it's the faint whiff of a barbeque on a mild February afternoon.

Talon Android : Yo, help my man out here. He's good people and this is a great project!…

Talon Android : Foxing I have never signed up to a newsletter quicker in my life

Talon Android : "A note was Freudian slipped under the door". Genius.…

Talon Android : The pop of the airbag. The flutter of the hat. The collective gasp by the audience. Perfect ending.

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