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Bio Mum to twins who are teaching me all about Cerebral Palsy and Autism. Determined to make the most of what life has to offer!
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iPhone : Dr Carrie Grant (hc) Fantatsic read. We’ve found positive and negatives for lockdown - some of which you document. Stress that comes with home schooling has been out biggest challenge and the anxiety has been off the charts. I am dreading getting my school refuser back to school post all this.

iPhone : Here is an article David Grant and I have just written for BBC Bitsize about our family in Lockdown and some strategies for survivial. #Autism #Adoption #ADHD #SEN

iPhone : Dan Gheesling hey Dan! My twins are 13 in a weeks time and still big fans of BB USA, especially your seasons! Any chance of a birthday video for them as they’re still in lockdown in the U.K.?

iPhone : “Thanks to carers either paid or unpaid” says #matthancock reading from a script.

If only the words had a ring of truth, empathy or meaning.

Thanks would be a specific task force for young carers & parent carers

But as always.. we are missed off the radar #CarersWeek

iPhone : If it were only themselves affected I’d say it was a case of natural selection for those heading to Durdle Door! But it’s not.Likely anyone fit & healthy enough to sit on a packed beach won’t be ones dying in a few weeks of the virus.God help us.Still highest death rate in Europe

iPhone : Tonight, let’s clap for the disabled children and families and carers at home who carry on behind closed doors, so often forgotten, struggling silently and always with dignity. During #Covid_19, they haven't stopped. #ClapForCarers

iPhone : ENOUGH 👏
IS 👏

As a doctor, Ive appreciated your support during #ClapForCarers.

But instead of clapping tonight at 8pm, Ill observe silence in remembrance of my 237 colleagues who have died during the pandemic.

Join my fight for justice: crowdjustice.com/case/nhs-ppe/ 👊🏽

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iPhone : I’ve finally lost it in lockdown! 🤪 #isthisthewaytobarnardcastle

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iPhone : Specsavers My daughters silicone nose pads have broken - what can I do about this please? I have tried calling my local store but don’t get an answer.