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Twitter Web App : A. That looks like a shockingly white group of men for a city whose population is 37.23% African American (and whose police force is 22% African America)

B. Any cop - of whatever demographic - who doesn't believe in accountability and rule of law can turn in their badge today.…

Twitter Web App : Nigar Goksel The one similarity that I think has been hugely *understated* is the nefarious over-use of "less lethal violence" as a tool of repression in both cases.

Twitter Web App : Taking time to listen to this NYT podcast episode is worthwhile as a balance to shortform videos, articles news clips. It is nonnarrated; we hear 5 protesters speaking on life experiences that shaped them.…

Twitter Web App : WBKW-TV reports the two suspended Buffalo police officers will be arraigned in City Court Saturday morning on charges of second-degree assault.

Twitter Web App : To review:
* Anthony Brennan III was arrested tonight.
* He IS NOT/ WAS NOT a cop.
* Twitter did not find him.
* 3 counts of 2nd-degree assault, which are misdemeanors.
* The people in his rage video were teenagers.
* He has been fired from his job.

Twitter Web App : Honestly, if they don't want oversight, they're welcome to turn in their badges and head to the door.

They are public servants.…

Twitter Web App : The Jew baiting on the part of a startling number of Republicans is beyond awful and the fact they claim to "love Israel," is wholly beside the point.…

Twitter Web App : Imagine what police violence would look like if cops didn't know that everybody and their cousin had a cell phone to film them...