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Bio They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin. heritageparty.org
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Android : Refusal to approve the Oxford vaccine in France (now thankfully) reversed) Germany, Belgium and other European countries was entirely political, an irrational act of self-harm aimed at compensating for the failure of national outsourcing to the EU


Android : As the weather gets warmer and more people venture outside in search of fresh air and exercise, should runners wear masks to protect pedestrians from the risk of catching Covid? 🏃

Android : Yes, apparently that is why it is virtually impossible to eradicate the common cold. It seems the government are trying to turn the COVID 19 in to the Hotel California of viruses. twitter.com/helenhims/stat…

Android : Guys. This is P.1. It isn’t “new” or “novel.” It has now been detected in cases in the U.K. We know the vaccines can neutralize this variant, and updated boosters should they be needed are already in development. Please don’t be alarmed. This is what viruses do, they spread. twitter.com/krishgm/status…

Android : What a surprise! (NOT). Here we go, eternal lockdown. (Not sure I’d book Summer holidays yet.)

‘While vaccines still expected to stop severe illness in those who contract the strain, the jabs are thought to be less effective against mild symptoms.’


Android : Man ARRESTED standing up for his wife. They went for a walk at the nearest beach after her brother was hospitalised and in a coma. He asked them to stop harassing her. So cuffs on and off to Wrexham police station. #lockdown #COVID19 North Wales Live

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Android : On the morning Prince Philip is transferred to another hospital, and fears grow about his health, Prince Harry tells the world via a carefully curated Oprah clip how ‘unbelievably tough’ life has been recently for him and Meghan. The optics suddenly aren’t great.

Android : When news of this first broke, I asked that given how rarely children are affected by Covid19 and if so only mildly in the main, what substantial and ethical justifications are there for conducting Covid19 vaccine trials.

Android : Waitrose shoppers spotted wearing hazmat suits for lockdown supermarket trip mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/w…