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Twitter Web App : I'm taking a break from here, so email me via the Atlantic if you need to get in touch.

Twitter Web App : Sarah Ditum Bloody hell, you didn't deserve this. (Probably typing this stuff as their mum does the dinner, too.) I thought your point was pretty obvious; and I'm really aware as someone without kids that people are having very different pandemics.

Twitter Web App : And dads who take on half the load will get screwed by their colleagues with more "traditional" set-ups. twitter.com/alanbeattie/st…

Twitter Web App : Helen Lewis Exactly. Particularly given the male dominated industries which have been opened up first - and who isn’t back at work night then find themselves front of the line for any redundancies given economic situation!

Twitter Web App : Laura McInerney Good point. I used to avoid repetition of "workplace" but it's not an accurate synonym. It's just that we already know that presenteeism is a problem, so I'll be interested to see how this shakes down. Maybe it'll only be an issue in the top end of the labour market.

Twitter Web App : I'm worried that allowing workers back before schools/nurseries open could lead to two-tier workplaces where more men have been able to return than women. Big decisions/networking then happens among the guys in the office. And WFHers come to be seen as "less dedicated".

Twitter Web App : Will British theatre survive the pandemic? (Answer: yes, but it risks becoming whiter, posher and more risk-averse.) And what the hell will anyone want to see after all this? New by me: theatlantic.com/international/…

Twitter Web App : The Spark is back! My first guest is former CEO, author and academic Margaret Heffernan, talking about a very topical subject... the spurious science of prediction. Radio 4 at 11am. Hope you can't tell I recorded it under a blanket fort in my living room. bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00…

Twitter Web App : Diana Greenfield PhD RN Lagan College Thank you, Diana, she sounds wonderful. I'm afraid it's not one for me, but I really hope that someone can talk to her - and I would certainly encourage you to write down as much as you can. Primary sources are so vital.

Twitter Web App : We’re two weeks into what has been the most unusual Ramadan I’ve ever experienced.

I wrote about how Muslims around the world are adapting the holy month to a new socially-distanced reality:


Twitter Web App : Andrzej Łukowski That bit is really interesting. I think because the liberal view is that anyone restricting immigration is suspect, it's hard for liberals to acknowledge that in this case, restricting immigration appears to have been a very good idea. So Ardern's border-closing is downplayed.

Twitter Web App : There's been a meme going round that women leaders have dealt better with coronavirus. I don't think that's right: women aren't better, it's just that strongmen are worse. theatlantic.com/international/…

Twitter Web App : I wrote about the post-coronavirus culture war, aka the "there's no time for employment rights, we must protect business at all costs" argument. theatlantic.com/international/…

Twitter Web App : I could try to say something funny about the mass appeal of my work, but really I am retweeting this because it's so damn cute. This baby does NOT agree with contemporary observers that militant methods hampered the Suffragettes' cause. twitter.com/catboggild/sta…

Twitter Web App : Enjoyed this memoir by David Lan, artistic director of the Young Vic 2000-18. Its insightful on difficult directors & theatre being open to the world. He quotes his friend Amir Nizar: “It’s paying endless, very close attention. That’s what love is.” Good motto for life and art.