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iPhone : hey, I'm looking for Black writers interested in any aspect of horror fiction/writing/movies/tv/gaming to write for tornightfire.com (paid) - my DMs are open

iPhone : Jocelyn Jackson is a national treasure, and to call her work important is the understatement of a lifetime. To support her in providing meals and food experiences for black women and femmes right now, Venmo her at @ Jocelyn-Jackson!! eater.com/2020/6/5/21280…

iPhone : I appreciate the NYT listening to its employees, especially people of color, & suggesting the work culture will change. In that spirit, let me tell how many live in fear of the "Bret Stephens Policy." So many have been contacted by editors because Brett has whined or complained.

iPhone : For those of you keeping track, we live in a universe that includes:
-a Joseph Bologna (cop)
-a Tony Balogna (also a cop)
-a Matthew Calamari (associate of the president)
-a Joe Pizza (also an associate of the president) twitter.com/wbender99/stat…

iPhone : Truly magnificent how many choads think this very simple and universal salary negotiation advice, which applies to everyone, is “racist” because it is specifically directed on this particular instance at Black people

Twitter Web App : If they really truly can't hit that n+25% number, ask them what else they can do to make up for it. Is starting vacation time 10 days, with an extra day per year employed? Ask for a starting number of 15. Get your home internet bill paid for. Get a cell bill reimbursement.

Twitter Web App : They'll likely come back with "We can't do that, but we can do 10% more." You say, very sweetly, "I'm sorry, that's not going to work for me." Don't offer a counterproposal. Just wait. Count to a hundred. They will come back VERY QUICKLY with more.

Twitter Web App : This is a subtweet: If you're a Black freelancer/contractor whose employer is gee-whiz suddenly offering you a staff position & asking you to sign on ASAP, you hold ALL the cards. Ask what the co. average is for the role you're being offered. Say "Cool, thx, I'll need 25% more."

Twitter Web App : “But what about rape and domestic violence, don’t we need cops for that?”

In my 5+ years as a domestic violence counselor, there was not one instance where I saw a victim of either sexual assault, rape, or domestic violence get the help they needed by the police.

Twitter Web App : What is the best union for an organized restaraunt staff in Chicago to affiliate with? I know some folks potentially looking to act FAST here

iPhone : I’m someone who’s had a hard time grappling with settling on fully supporting prison abolition because I felt like I needed to know how it would tangibly work. I’ve been working to get over that, but these graphics helped me “get it” more so maybe they may help you if you relate!