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iPhone : Tottenham Hotspur Ryan Sessegnon Totally agree, our midfield is empty and our wingbacks are clumsy, especially on the right hand side. There are too few options available for our centre backs when in possession. We need to know when to drop deep to collect the ball. The other teams capitalise on this weakness.

iPhone : boxing Australia Ben Davison I have never seen a boxer circle their opponent the way AJ did last night. People think he’s a god when he’s nothing like the great heavy weights. He won’t face Wilder, Fury or even Whyte. He’s just after cash because he’s got no natural boxing talent.

iPhone : Vicky Kaufmann #Pokethewoke Jews have been hated and used for centuries. This is because their religion allowed them to lend money and charge for the privilege. They could make money from lending money. Something all other religions forbid. People became jealous of their wealth hence the hatred of hitler.

iPhone : Dr Steven Roberts So you are saying it is wrong to question the level of disability individually? It’s not the governments fault it is the reality of the hundreds of thousands of scandalous benefit cheats created by a greedy heavy spending labour government.

iPhone : Two weeks ago. 😍


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iPhone : Anthony Joshua) 's Twitter Profile">Anthony Joshua Anthony Joshua) 's Twitter Profile">Anthony Joshua does it concern you how quickly Wilder despatched Brezeal? I can’t work out if you let fights go on so people get their money’s worth or if possibly Wilder is a much bigger hitter....