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iPhone : some points from this report on Chicago shutting down transit during last summers protests.

First is that a specific objective was to cut off access to downtown from the majority-Black South Side. During protests for racial justice. twitter.com/activetrans/st…

Twitter Web App : Dan Miller that's a good Q, i sort of assumed these people are just waiting for an ATM, rather than for something more complicated? maybe it's worth a story. i remember seeing this at the beginning of the pandemic but am surprised it's still happening

Twitter Web App : The driver's license remains a mythic document for American teenagers. But is the trip in question one that, with some better policy choices, Olivia Rodrigo could have made on foot, or even on a scooter or bicycle? In this essay I shall—

iPhone : Recessions and unemployment seem to have no connection to homicide, but there is a theory that inflation causes spikes in violent crime because more people are driven to seek stolen merchandise in the underground economy citymonitor.ai/economy/recess…

iPhone : Is there some CRA loophole that allows Chase to count its 100 branches on the Upper West Side as serving the Bronx?

iPhone : There’s an unpleasant symmetry between yuppies complaining about bank branches eating their nabes and the atrocious level of service those same banks provide in low-income neighborhoods

iPhone : know that feeling of a tote bag on your handlebars bumping against your front wheel as you ride? ok now imagine that but with a banana in the bag.

Twitter Web App : Ben Walsh in a short-term sense, like these kids aren't working hard enough right now? Or in a long-term sense, like, these kids aren't learning the goldman way?

Twitter Web App : interesting that Solomon puts the emphasis on new hires here, rather than strictly talking about productivity twitter.com/carlquintanill…

Twitter Web App : This reflects personal preference in local government tax-service mix in much the same way that having 10,000 brands of toothpaste for sale reflect the needs of American teeth twitter.com/pseudocia/stat…

Twitter Web App : St Louis County is a game of pick up sticks twitter.com/pseudocia/stat…

iPhone : Incredible timelapse of a giant section of ice covering Lake Michigan around the Chicago shoreline breaking off and drifting away. This video timelapse was captured by the WGN Hancock camera. H/T Tom Skilling

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