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Bio my name is William and I do standup in Atlanta and around the world | Star Bar resident/Laughing Skull regular | Founder of @quibi
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iPhone : Remember when all those LA and Brooklyn comics did get out the vote shows for Georgia and didn’t put any Atlanta comics on their shows. That was cool huh

iPhone : Telling Asian shop-owners they’ll have to do without white customers because their shops have been declared a cultural space

iPhone : Apparently this is the world’s greatest hoodie

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iPhone : So now even the hearing impaired will know the $2000 checks will never exist twitter.com/npr/status/135…

iPhone : They promised us $2000 checks immediately if we voted in Ossoff and Warnock and we see how that’s worked out. In awe at this level of “influence” twitter.com/ajc/status/135…

iPhone : this morning’s back workout
A. bent over 1 arm DB rows - 10x10
B1. V-grip lat pull down - 5x10
B2. good mornings - 5x10
C1. Shrug progression 1x10, 10s hold, 1x9, 9s hold, etc
C2. OH plate raises - 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
D1. Cable upright rows - 5x10
D2. Seated rows - 5x10

iPhone : Dan Brooks End has a huge sale on Barbour wax cotton jackets. Can get something similar for less than half the price. endclothing.com/us/sale/coats-…

iPhone : Kong UNDOUBTEDLY shits into his hand and turns his feces into devastatingly enormous missiles twitter.com/mattisbear/sta…

iPhone : Kong v Godzilla is so CLEARY rly abt the clash of two forms of US late stage capitalism- Kong is the war mongering imperialist right vs Godzilla’s techno-fascist left I mean this is good weed