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iPhone : 🐅⚾️ #TBT
March 5, 2017
Series on the line, Clemson down to their final strike in Columbia.

Seth. Beer.

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TweetDeck : There are disliked individuals in this game ... All of that pales in comparison for the ubiquity of the hate for this man, Robert Petrino. – Steven Godfrey

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Twitter Web App : Tigerillustrated.com spent late Monday afternoon on Clemsons campus, taking in another practice and came away with the following nuggets. #CLEMSON #ALLIN

LINK: bit.ly/38lROnD (For subscribers-only)

Android : I know everyone will move quickly to talking about who Kansas will hire next (and based on their statements, Kansas would like that to be the conversation), but dwelling on/unpacking/analyzing why there is a vacancy is important.

iPhone : 🥃Sippin limited to guys who’d like to collect a few years of a lower-tier P5 salary and a buyout when they’re fired. Guys who know they’re about done. Or maybe you find an option coach who wants to try this level

iPhone : Why would any aspiring coach take the Kansas job knowing KU is going to fire Long at the first chance they get?

Twitter Web App : there should be someone who sits on a rickety stool right inside the doorway of little caesars who says dont eat that whole thing as youre leaving. not sure of the other logistics.

Twitter Web App : In Peru senators can not be prosecuted for crimes.
Peruvian Comedian Jaime Ferraro hilariously explains how this has lead to all criminals running for, and winning, public office. 68 of the 130 senators in Peru have charges waiting for them youtu.be/7rVxZzT7_QM

iPhone : All cats just know how to make biscuits and do it, and nobody teaches them. Dogs don’t come with any preset tricks, I’m just saying...

Android : Im hoping to be House Moderna but I have no idea what the sorting hat has in store for me twitter.com/MaayanSchechte…

iPhone : You know where women belong? In marketing positions so they can say no when ideas like this are brought up. twitter.com/burgerkinguk/s…

iPhone : I’m going to deny this motion and send Skip directly to jail twitter.com/matt2clapp/sta…

iPhone : Car-free JFK is good for San Francisco and it should stay car-free forever

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Twitter Web App : Nicolas Sarkozy was convicted of corruption last week in a case that had been building for 10 years. Michael Ira Kaplan and I didnt even know he was a bad guy. French comedian Adrien Arnoux is here with the answers: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/los…

TweetDeck : Ep 43: A powerhouse in radio, with Alyson Hau

Full ep: apple.co/30o4yWL

Alysons covered the Olympics, the World Expo, world premieres for major films including Transformers and Twilight, and interviewed massive music acts such as Maroon 5, Backstreet Boys and Lady Gaga.

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TweetDeck : shes, i think they call it a cougar...what its not my term, i read about it in maxim magazine twitter.com/AnthonyIrwinLA…

Android : papa john ate 40 pizzas in 30 days all while fighting a crippling n-word addiction. its not enough to set goals, we also have to put the work in!

Twitter Web App : WolvesAnalytics While theres nothing unfair with using all of Fabio Silvas statistics, he has looked more lively in his last few appearances and Im hoping he gets a start soon to show if hes really improved.

iPhone : Last summer’s “ranch water edition” 919 Beer podcast prediction coming true this summer. Although Im still skeptical this will work because the drink requires good tequila. twitter.com/goodbeerhuntin…

TweetDeck : Kansas could always turn to someone with intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the creative relationship between academic support and the athletic department invented by the Jayhawks basketball program to create a powerhouse” - Pack Pride message boards

Chorus publishing platform : Nick Chubb Takes To Twitter To Refute Pay for Play Claims dawgsports.com/2021/3/8/22320…

Twitter for iPad : Sorry for late post, chasing that vaccine for wife today I so tired. Got appt for Friday for me! $GME $EYES $RCL both accounts super day! I trade on Act TheRealAj

Gain Platform : Family adventure evolves. Watch the reveal on 3/11 at 12PM EST.

Preproduction model shown. Available Summer 2021.

Twitter Web App : #ARKDisrupt | Issue 261 is live! In this weeks newsletter: Why did Square acquire TIDAL?, creator economy and NFTs, enzymatic DNA synthesis, and more. Read it here!

📰: arkinv.st/3t4VYbJ

twittbot.net : 「おう、森田。黙って聞いていたが、あんまり俺をなめるなよ。お前はガキの頃から一緒に苦労して来た仲間だし、一度死んじまった国粋会をこれまで盛り返したお前だからいきなり撃ちやしねえよ。西洋のサムライみたいに一挺ずつ持って表で勝負しようや」落合一家六代目総長・高橋岩太郎

iPhone : If you’re going to do coca*ne in Atlanta (or really anywhere!!) please buy these test strips. Buy them for your friends, keep them on you, and share. Someone just died and I fucking wish she hadn’t!!!!!!! twitter.com/jessxsara/stat…

Android : Myanmar
Terrorist Military Junta continuing the atrocities all around the country. Peoples lives are not safe anymore.