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Twitter Web App : Ive opened up an inprnt shop! I only have a few designs on there currently, but if theres anything youd like to see as a print let me know!…

Twitter Web App : 🍒Cherry: A Succubus Zine 🍒

5.5 x 8.5
30 pages
Rated PG-16
Comes with 3 large stickers

Pre-order period starts July 17th and ends July 24th, so mark your calendars!

Order here on the 17th:…

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Twitter Web App : But you have to understand that when they give broad advice pertaining to their own personal experiences, it is not going to apply to everyone indiscriminately. We as a community *need* to get better at recognizing when something is not applicable to us and move on accordingly.

Twitter Web App : If an artist with a large following shares some of the things that helped them get there within a decade, it's because they want it to take less time for you. It's not them saying the system is good, it's them trying to help you thrive within it, despite its inherent unfairness.

Twitter Web App : Great thread from Hannah full of questions every artist should ask themselves 🤓 No two paths are totally alike and there are no wrong answers, but you gotta at least consider these before you can start walking on yours 💜…

iPhone : Many of the artists on here with huge followings have been working 2+ jobs for over a decade to amass the audiences they have. That’s what it often takes, and that’s ultimately not the fault of artists, but the fault of capitalism. You feel bad bc capitalism feels bad. 😔💜

iPhone : And bc Twitter (+the internet as a whole) has been shaped by capitalism, algorithms have been put in place to use you as a a free source of labor for the companies that profit from it. This is why it’s so hard to grow, because they want you to give them that free labor full-time.

iPhone : I don’t say this to discourage anyone, but rather to highlight the fact that if you are struggling to build a following on here because you are simulaneosly also trying to focus on creating art, you need to recognize that you are working 2 jobs (maybe even on top of a day job)—

iPhone : Karla’s whole thread is great but this bit right here is especially important to consider: “Social Media Manager” is a literal full time job and profession in and of itself that requires specialized skills. Being an artist on twitter means working 2 jobs.…