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iPhone : there’s so many layers of shit i hate in that scene. am i supposed to cheer shorty on as she violates him? because he’s a villain and his actions are irredeemable? Am i supposed to view sexual assault as a good thing because it’s happening to a bad person?

iPhone : TW: SA / sexual assault
it might not be that deep, as those who play in shallow waters like to say.. but viewing sexual assault as justice against sexual assault is such backward thinking..

iPhone : i can ignore Ruby explaining shit that didn’t need to be explained because (white gaze) & i’ve already been shown that subtlety is something this script lacks, i get it. But having Ruby β€˜uninterrupted’ be her using sexual assault as a weapon of vengeance against a man..

iPhone : having Montrose get beat up in retaliation to the aforementioned murder, then go to his β€˜lover’ and take out his frustration in a cold, rough, gay sex scene hamfistedly paired with a Frank Ocean song on unrequited love is two.

iPhone : I talked about it already but the very cis lens (general (read: genital) shock & awe) in introducing a two spirit/non binary character then killing them off less than 10mins later is strike one

iPhone : i can definitely get over how annoying modern music shoved into period pieces is to me. (like seriously, can’t even be arsed to make a rendition fitting the time?) but the unnecessary brutality in certain scenes from Ep 4 & 5, i can’t shake.

iPhone : I always enjoy those tiny moments when you can catch wrestlers adjusting things with cool heads under the veneer of violence. Like here, where you can see both AJ and Sami realize the problem is that cover on the desk, and while suffering dramatically, Sami helps AJ remove it.

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