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Bio failed the audition for Blockbusters in 1983 and still bitter about it
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Twitter Web App : I don’t get why people think Bert and Ernie are the gay Muppets when Statler and Waldorf are right there, throwing shade from a BOX SEAT AT THE THEATRE

Twitter Web App : Interesting to see how they have tweaked filming of #CelebrityMastermind for Covid reasons - chairs not in a row any more. I guess the black seat is cleaned between rounds?

Twitter Web App : #popmaster alert - Richie Anderson on #CelebrityMastermind right now

iPhone : Barkle Was just reading about Tiktok cookery in the Guardian

'It cuts out the faff': young people turn to TikTok for cooking tips theguardian.com/technology/202…

Twitter Web App : Gothiron ... and then at junior school (attached to that infant school) my class teacher one year was a right old *** who (I discovered later) didn't like teaching the children of teachers which explained a lot!

Twitter Web App : Gothiron My mother taught at the infant school I was at, and I had to remember to call her Mrs x at school

Twitter Web App : about a third of my timeline right now is people shouting "YOU WON'T SEE THIS ON THE BBC NEWS" while posting a link to a BBC News story about the thing. pic.twitter.com/MA7UC3k8sB

Twitter Web App : How schools be teaching black history 🤣🤦🏾‍♂️😭

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Twitter Web App : Appears to be the first ever UK TV showing of this #ChildrensFilmFoundation film, and it doesn't appear to have ever been released on home media. So first chance to see it if you didn't see it at an actual Saturday Morning Picture show at the cinema! twitter.com/TalkingPicsTV/…

Twitter Web App : Rough translation: "Read the standing orders! Read them and understand them!" twitter.com/TomHourigan/st…