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Instagram : Sometimes in life you're the Mario, and sometimes you're very much the Luigi.
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Android : Lots of people have asked where to get a mask online in the UK - I like NotJust's masks, and half goes to an NHS PPE charity

Android : However, I am insanely lucky to live in a country where paying for said operations isn't even a concern. I've had brilliant treatment from the NHS even in the middle of a pandemic and couldn't be more grateful ❀️

Android : On the one hand it's so good when the doctor says "I can see the problem, it's not all in your head, and it's name is X."

On the other hand I'm probably looking at two operations

Android : Going home with a diagnosis and a bonus second diagnosis that they werent even looking for.

Cool 😩 #IAmABiologicalWreck

Android : Suw I completely agree. They have some weird rules as well, IMO better to be an indoor cat than in a shelter, but tell some shelters that!

Android : It still blows my mind how few people out are wearing masks. I know we haven't been ordered to, but to me it's an outward message saying "I'm taking this seriously, I'm doing what I can to keep us safe."