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SocialFlow : Please see our HRW statement on the killing of George Floyd, the state of the nation and what we must do to change America.…

SocialFlow : Here's Human Rights Watch's Nicole Austin-Hillery on President Trump's Rose Garden speech:
“Instead of upholding free speech, President Trump is threatening to deploy the military on American streets. His words do nothing to heal this nation but open the door to more destruction and death. 1/2

SocialFlow : 100 incidents of police using violence against journalists at #GeorgeFloyd protests...

And that’s just the ones compiled in this list. The real figure is likely to be higher.…

SocialFlow : Heres some of what Human Rights Watch has to say:
The death of #GeorgeFloyd in Minneapolis goes beyond one officer. It’s about a law enforcement system that does not value all citizens equally & allows the lives of Black Americans to be sacrificed as a result 1/

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SocialFlow : "Unity is strength"

#Liverpool players took a knee around the centre circle at Anfield in a message of support.


SocialFlow : Serious allegations of abuse during #Burundi’s May 20 elections should be investigated and those responsible held accountable. Reports of killings, arbitrary arrests, beatings, and voter intimidation during the campaigns should not be brushed under the rug…

SocialFlow : George Floyd's last words tell us everything you need to know about being black in America.

It’s my face man
I didn’t do nothing serious man

(Police in the US often deploy force in black communities, why arrest instead of summons for an allegedly fake $20?

SocialFlow : While #Myanmar denies atrocities against the #Rohingya, a court in Argentina 🇦🇷 is stepping up to help victims inch closer to justice.⚖️


SocialFlow : In recent years, US police have killed around 1,000 people per year. Nearly 25% of those killed are black, though black people make up about 13% of the US population. Of those killed who are unarmed, 36.8% are black. George Floyd was unarmed.

Twitter Web App : UNSC Report Security Council Report notes that impending Houthis offensive against Marib could uproot +1 million ppl… Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch has been calling for the protection of civilians in Marib as renewed fighting move closer to IDPs sites…

SocialFlow : How has #COVID19 changed your life? Human Rights Watch is researching the impact of the pandemic on students, parents, and care givers, and we want to hear from you. #schoolsreopening #lockdown #covid19education Complete our survey here

SocialFlow : 14-year-old Ibrahim & 17-year-old Kamrul spent months detained in Greece

Today, Human Rights Watch publishes their drawings about the fear they experienced in police detention & their hope after release

Tell @PrimeMinisterGR to #FreeTheKids who are still behind bars!

SocialFlow : The US should stop militarizing law enforcement.…

Abusive, biased policing does not make anyone safer.…

Governments should promote economic development, affordable housing, mental health care - not more funding for police.