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Android : Getting saari ke plates right is actually a trouble and would need help. Saala paani peene ke liye kya help? Unless both her hands are tied as punishment for not wearing hijab the previous day.…

Android : Lowest point of Uddhavs speech. Goumutra jibes

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Android : Gappistan Radio Let's assume we give option of automation to all, then you're right everyone will use it.

But will it make things better?

If there are 100 seats, 1000 trying, 50 ppl using automation gets ticket now. If all 1000 starts using automation, then what advantage will anyone have?

Android : Gappistan Radio Show me any first come first serve booking site in the world which gives option of automation.

On Amazon/flipkart mobile sales, People use bot which does 100 clicks per second. Can manual attempt beat it?

Android : Gappistan Radio Auto-fill, auto-click selection, autofill-passwords, auto payment option selection, auto-fill credit card card details are unethical practice which IT department has to prevent, not promote. And it's no big talent that anyone will hire such people.

Android : Nicely said by RSS chief about Rahul Gandhi and his politics

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Android : Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)

A Hindu family Kid, Anjali offers ‘Namaz’ and her prayer gets immediately heard.

Now see her reaction when her grand mother suggest ‘Pooja path’ as a solution.

Directed and written by Karan Johar

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Android : While showing Indias condition in covid, Alt News didnt show comparison of Case Fatality Rate (CFR) because indias CFR is less than world avg, Asia avg, US, UK.

Bcz it would have gone against Alt News propaganda.

This is called using Data Selectively……

Android : One of th super super achievement of Yogi regarding removing and control encephalitis disease .

But media won’t talk about this now

Android : Who will bell the cat aka 'Best CM Ever Model'?

Population (2011 Census)
Mumbai: 1.84 crores
Ahmedabad: 55.7 lakhs

COVID deaths
Mumbai: 10,009
Ahmedabad: 1885

P.S. Fact Checker Rasode Wala Hai…

Android : Pratik Sinha SamSays Alt News started Article by saying why pick only US, UK and Brazil? Why not other countries?

India has done 2nd highest testing in the world, But to portray India has done less testing, Alt News itself compared with US and UK.

Why not other countries in the region?