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iPhone : Despite any notion of how the #Eagles will use Jalen Hurts, multiple people have commented on how Hurts is a quarterback and will/should be used as such, from Doug Pederson to most recently Oklahoma head coach, Lincoln Riley. | #FlyEaglesFly

iPhone : Some players are just generational talents.

For decades, guys meant to bring change to the game in some way, shape, or form have flooded your brains and televisions with some of the most memorable moments in #NFL history. | #FlyEaglesFly

iPhone : Crazy to think that steph curry who is a 3x champ, 2x mvp, and best shooter of all time doesn’t really challenge magic at all for the best point guard of all time spot

That’s how good magic was

iPhone : Andy Reid went to one Super Bowl in his 14 years with the team and didn’t win it. Five NFC championship games. 10 playoff appearances. If Doug doesn’t get the same “leash” for winning a SB and having 2 playoff appearances in 4 years, then the #Eagles screwed up big time…

iPhone : If you had to pick one to build your franchise around who would you pick:

Michael Vick or Lamar Jackson?

Before you select take a moment to remember just how great #TheMichaelVickExperience truly was.…

iPhone : While I’m happy for the Bro, I’m sad. He’s one of the realest, straight shooters in the company and NXT isn’t gonna be the same without him.…

iPhone : Browns Highest-Scoring RB by Week (PPR)

W1: Chubb
W2: Chubb
W3: Chubb
W4: Chubb
W5: Chubb
W6: Chubb
W8: Chubb
W9: Chubb

~Kareem Hunt returns from suspension~

W10: Hunt
W11: Hunt
W12: Chubb
W13: Hunt
W14: Hunt
W15: Chubb
W16: Hunt
W17: Hunt

iPhone : Cross Training, injuries, and more injuries set JJAW back during his rookie season. The former second round pick admitted the only place to go from here is up. The question at this point is figuring out how he can improve.…

iPhone : The moves the #Eagles have made during the offseason suggest the team is trending in a direction a lot of teams in the league aren’t.

iPhone : Fletcher Coxs Burner 🔥📱 That’s true but I’ve learned in my day you can’t control how someone reacts to what you do to them. You don’t know people and their story. It’s fine not to agree morally but there are something’s that may not be morally correct but are personally justified. This is one

iPhone : Nick Foles said the #Eagles almost wasted the Philly Special in the NFC Championship blowout. 😳

Doug Pederson wanted to run the play while up 31-7 against the #Vikings, and Foles said “Eh, we don’t really need it. We’re up by so much. Lets not waste it.”

Good call, Nick.