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The proposed closure of Birmingham’s John Lewis store risks being a dreadful mistake. My reaction to this morning’s deeply disappointing news:

This narrative that black people who want an accurate reflection of history are "angry and resentful" leaves us with one logical takeaway: White people don't want to know history because they can't handle the truth. A thread.

Being such a poignant British hero, it would of made a whole lot of sense for Dame Vera Lynn’s funeral to of been broadcast on TV. RT if you agree. #BritishLivesMatter 🇬🇧 #BRLM

Proud. Well done for getting into Drama School @KittyCastledine A Dream since you were little in the closing ceremony of the paralympics after you became paralysed. Finally the media are now employing disabled actors in regular parts - 3 year Acting BA @LAMDAdrama❤️ahead 👊🏻