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Twitter Web App : Zionists punish singer who criticised Israeli violence against Palestinians kids…

Twitter Web App : These rubber bullets now maiming protestors in US cities were pioneered by the British army in Northern Ireland.

They killed 17 civilians. 8 of them were children.

Thats the history they dont teach in schools.

Twitter Web App : Police horses charge peaceful protesters @ #BLMLondon
Outside Downing street! 😥

#ThisIsOnYouJohnson 🤨

#blacklivesmatter #BLM
#ukprotests #londonprotests
#BlackLivesMatterUK Stand Up To Racism
Ash Sarkar Maya Goodfellow Owen Jones says join a union🌹 Aaron Bastani

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Twitter Web App : UK govt handed £16bn of aid to companies controlled by billionaires - includes JCB, CNH Industrial, Westfield, Tottenham Hotspur. Some of their controllers are holed up in tax havens. The handouts are not accompanied by conditions - e.g pay tax, save jobs.…

Twitter Web App : PLEASE READ: 'Parliament has little power over trade deals. Once passed they have the status of international law, so future govts can't simply overturn them. MPs get to have a debate between signing & ratification of the deal, but have NO POWER OF VETO.'…

Twitter Web App : Propaganda, election rigging, lies, riot police, tear gas, Brexit Backtrack, protests in all major cities, nation angry and mistrustful, Boris Johnson, a government of cretins? Something tells me the establishment might be wishing they'd just let Corbyn win haha

Twitter Web App : Winston Churchill was a Racist Asshole who allowed millions of Indians to starve to death and I don't care that he was PM when we won the war the true hero's were the soldiers who sacrificed themselves to win the war not Churchill

Twitter Web App : Police horse loose hits innocent woman

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Twitter Web App : Whether it's journalists, politicians, police or military, there are always some cheap serfs to do sub-sewer work…

Twitter Web App : Trump has gone full Caligula. It will be interesting to see how long America can stomach him…

Twitter Web App : The Pandora's box of truth has been opened. Citizens of the Empire are thinking about guillotines. About time

Twitter Web App : Protest against #PoliceViolence in #Paris #France #BlackLivesMatter #AdamaTraore #GeorgeFloyd

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Twitter Web App : #Attention #US #USA #Public #London #UK
Stands with You !
Black Lives Matter xxx…

Twitter Web App : Already happening, aided by Darktrace, a spin-off from our very own GCHQ. Cummings involved too. Had enough yet?🙂