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iPhone : A medically-vulnerable 17-year-old girl died of the coronavirus after she attended a church function where social distancing was not practiced and was then treated with hydroxychloroquine buzzfeednews.com/article/elliev…

iPhone : how many times did he tweet about this twitter.com/modooborahae/s…

iPhone : wait pause are white people tall?????? twitter.com/rolphcomics/st…

iPhone : ahmed ali akbar i love ice cream looool i would’ve made any hate for ice cream clear that day i do however remember liking coffee sweets as a child but idk if that was just super articificial. i’ll update u whenever i venture out for ice cream

iPhone : just remembered a memory i blocked out of a mcdonald’s staff member accusing me of stealing sugar bc i kept taking so much.. i wanted to make the coffee taste less bitter 🥴 she didn’t end up believing me and i had to open my bag lol weirdo i was 16/17??

iPhone : if you live in LONDON UK pls retweet his tweet and get more people aware. hopefully he is found safe and well, still very concerning given the prior incident of attack tweeted below. twitter.com/mo_ayy/status/…

iPhone : this is apparently also the beyoncé is not black man... if someone doesn’t unplug his wifi……

iPhone : I read a post on Instagram a few days ago from one of the girls who owns a salon where I get my brows done which explained how the lockdown easement is one entirely based around the wants and needs of men, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it (1)