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Bio 2020: what fresh hell is this? Campaigner for rights of EU citizens in the U.K. Affiliated with the3million - views are my own.
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Twitter for iPad : The truth teller in the story is an outsider, and importantly a child - a person with no authority but free to state the obvious. Would a child be listened to in reality, though?…

Twitter for iPad : ‘Some of us knew women who’ve been killed and were determined to not let what happened to their friend happen again. For nearly 50 years, the criminal justice system has failed so many women'

Campaigners welcome decision to end ‘rough sex’ defence.…

Twitter for iPad : If the UK is serious about being a country where everyone can shine it needs to look after those already here - 3.6+million people, many of them at risk to be swallowed by the hostile environment. NC2, NC36 and NC38 would have gone a long way towards giving them a safety net.

Twitter for iPad : Report stage of #ImmigrationBill rushed through in a short afternoon - unamended, it ends freedom of movement rights without providing a legal safety net for ⁦the3million⁩ EU citizens. Is this a way to treat your colleagues, friends, neighbours?

Twitter for iPad : Many of the3million EU citizens with settled status applying for U.K. citizenship now discover a new obstacle: an unfair Home Office requirement to prove they had private health insurance years ago. Join our #ByebyeCSI campaign - write to your MP:…

Twitter for iPad : The fight for our rights isn’t over: join our campaign launch #ByeByeCSI and ask us questions about where the fight for EU citizens’ rights stands right now, and where we go from here.…

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Twitter for iPad : Hundreds of people joined our webinar on EU citizens rights today - clearly many questions and worries remain. Sign up for future updates and events by signing up to our newsletter:

Twitter for iPad : We are pleased to see that the European Parliament has adopted a resolution on the future relationship between the EU and the UK.

We thank the MEPs and political groups who have supported our asks and helped in strengthening the text.


Twitter for iPad : 4. Home Affairs Committee refers to the3million evidence: EU citizens should have the equal treatment the EU/UK Agreement promises us and be able to access social security during the crisis, as UK citizens can. ……

Twitter for iPad : 3. “Approach to late applications”

Home Office must accept late applications and set the bar low - or many EU citizens will end up losing their legal status. EUSS scheme must not close to applicants without UK Parliament debate about the consequences:……

Twitter for iPad : 2.”our concern for vulnerable people .. who will find it difficult to apply”

the3million are sounding the alarm on this for years now. No scheme ever succeeded reaching all of those needing to apply - GOV.UK must ensure all EU citizens are safe.

iPhone : The #ImmigrationBill is a crucial bill as it removes EU #citizensrights.

Tune in now to hear @pipermigration at the Select Committee, talking about how we must create a safe passage for EU citizens to new rights with declaratory system.…

TweetDeck : @BritishFuture: getting UK citizenship shld be easier for the3million & others. Please start by scrapping requirement for backdated proof of residence before getting settled status - this is moving the goalposts for EU citizens wanting to become British.