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Twitter Web App : W stan vampire diaries instead

Twitter Web App : ethan 🗣💯 it is, this is not the first time i talk about religion on here with atheists

i dont think you had to deal with them as much tho (for obvious reasons)

Twitter Web App : ☆ سلوى i understand you lmfao! i was caught off guard too at first but then i stopped thinking aboutit

im surprised you didnt get over that yet

Twitter Web App : Jonat exactly. most people dont go to religion to learn about facts and science. they turn to it for spiritual fulfillment, and that’s an important part of life that genuinely helps people live more peacefully

Twitter Web App : Jonat i started calling myself agnostic instead of atheist just to get away from those atheists. if one is happy and going about their belief in a healthy way who am i to tell them that their belief is wrong. besides, it might not be. the "there's no proof" argument goes both ways

Twitter Web App : feel all pretentious about being right ant that God doesnt exist)


Twitter Web App : at the end of the day, it doesnt matter if the actual religion is true or not imo, it all depends to the experience one get from the religion they chose to belong to ...

if a certain religion works for you better then thats good

(this is for some atheist that try to feel al-