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iPhone : Are you and your friends really friends if you don’t send each other funny posts?

iPhone : I’m glad I’m not being targeted like any other time. And it’s a random thing. Cus I was like why me

iPhone : So I see that a lot of ppl are tweeting their fb got hacked.

iPhone : I’m not a baddie ion have a body. So what’s there to be jealous of? I’m not rich, yet. Lmao I just don’t not fucking get it

iPhone : I don’t talk or date anyone. I work from home, take care of my child when it’s my week & watch tv. Lol my life is boring

iPhone : Somebody hacked my Facebook. Lmao dawg it never ends. I’m not that interesting & don’t have shit going on for me to be constantly hacked.

iPhone : It takes so much to start your own business 😩 don’t ever underestimate the effort

iPhone : Anyone else think this season of #90DayFiance is boring or I’m just not tuning in enough?

iPhone : Y’all dead ass wrong selling hoodies for $80. Go to hell

iPhone : Lmaoooo the CVS twitter is all ppl making a complaints. You can’t even get a hold of those mf otp

iPhone : This automatic phone shit is so dumb. I miss the days when you could speak to a customer service rep ASAP