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Bio Author, artist & performer. Sex & Death and Other Stories published by Armley Press & Life and How to Live It Colouring Book published by BAD PRESS INK out now.
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Twitter Web App : A bank that uses a faulty inkjet printer that makes a 4 look like a 1 doesn't inspire much confidence.

Twitter Web App : I really shouldn't get so worked up when dealing with banks, their default position is to be as unhelpful and awkward as possible.

Twitter Web App : Emma Bearman Oh absolutely. I still believe a world run by women would be kinder overall but you would still need systems in place to check the ambition of individuals for whom power is an all-consuming addiction.

Twitter Web App : I used to think a world run by women had to be an improvement on a world run by men but then I remember people like Priti Patel and I shiver with fear.

Twitter Web App : These days, the trigger warnings and apologetic announcements before the showing of some old films on TV take almost as long as the runtime of the film.

Twitter Web App : Jane C We should rejoice that people want to use great words. It's like having truffles in the fast-food menus on the city streets.

Twitter Web App : Impossible Ian I don't like to tar them with same brush. I'm betting one or two of them are quite creative in their theories. I mean, a lizard monarchy is pretty entertaining.