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Bio The #IWW is a worker-led union dedicated to direct action, workplace democracy, and industrial unionism. ★ Solidarity forever! #1u (N. America ⑊ @ICLCIT Member)
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iPhone : We had a great turn out the other day! Thanks to the Fredericksburg Coat Drive and our members for turning! This is what socialism at work looks like, the community working to help each other!

iPhone : Ireland IWW demands charges are dropped against BLM protestors after a Police Report found the officers "behaved wrongfully" #iww #1u #wisera…

iPhone : Prisoners in Alabama are going on strike. Learn why and what their demands are:


iPhone : Support restaurants by ordering takeout or delivery (NOT through Uber Eats/DoorDash or similar services if possible) and tipping a MINIMUM of 20%. It’s not worth dying for a burger. Our “leaders” won’t keep us safe, we must keep us safe. Stay in, order out, don’t be a selfish.

iPhone : #OtD 21 Nov 1927 a different massacre took place in Columbine, Colorado. Police and militia fired into a crowd of striking miners and their families killing at least six and injuring more than 60 in an effort to break the @IWW union…

iPhone : Support the emancipatory struggle of the garment workers in Dhaka by adding a bit to this campaign. To support all 300 workers around 9,000€ are needed each month.

#solidarity #workingclass #Bangladesh…