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Bio I want to get better at painting! I’m also a software engineer, bouldering enthusiast, and dog training amateur. they/them
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Twitter for iPad : I just saw a tweet from a super talented artist feeling bummed out about facing job rejection, so I wanted to create a lil thread of insight for those trying to break in to the animation industry! I’m an AD & spend a lot of time looking thru portfolios when looking to hire folks!

Twitter Web App : Portfolioday discourse is so confusing. You guys know you don't need thousands of followers just to get work, right? That the "big accounts" who don't retweet you on hashtagdays aren't holding your career hostage?

Seriously guys, here's how you email ADs!

(thread inside)

Twitter for iPad : Hii #PortfolioDay im maggie and Im a queer illustrator who likes designing fun lil characters and pretty scenery :))

Twitter for iPad : Hi I’m Yixin! #PortfolioDay

Email: yixinhe98@gmail.com
Website: yixinhe.me

Twitter for iPad : Goals for 2021: continue working on designing pieces with intention! I want to spend more time on the initial stages of artworks before plunging in and spending hours and hours rendering

Twitter for iPad : 2020 summary! Had a very strong first half of the year :D made a lot of paintings the first few months, to the point where it was hard to choose one for the summary. I lost steam a bit once I started my job but past month has been a bit better 💪